Swiss Grading
What trading cards do you accept ?

Swiss Grading currently only accepts cards from the following TCG's : Pokémon, Dragon Ball Super, Magic The Gathering, Weiss Schwarz, One Piece Card Game, Vanguard, Flesh and Blood, Force of Will, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon Card Game and Naruto Kayou.

Why should I submit my cards to Swiss Grading ?

At Swiss Grading, we believe that the future of card grading is constantly evolving. We aim for flawless transparency and impartiality in order to offer you an impeccable service. Thanks to the construction and design of our label, each rated card is unique and protected from counterfeiting. Our vision within the company is that each card must be treated the same in order to establish a fair report towards our customers. Last word but not least, every collector should be proud to show their card. It was with this concept in mind, that we designed our label special Holographic Label with our Kinetic Logo and our Swiss Made Cases.

How to Contact us

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us :

How do I submit to Swiss Grading ?

  1. Create an account and head to our submission portal.
  2. Start your submission by selecting your desired service level.
  3. Enter only the number of cards you wish to have graded. Our team will reference your cards when we receive them.
  4. 5. On the next page please enter your name, phone number and address. Please double check this information to ensure it's entered correctly.
  5. Review your submission and the costs including the service and the Shipping and then complete your submission.
  6. Securely package your cards inside a box fit for shipping.
  7. Send your package to Swiss Grading, we strongly advice submitters to use Swiss Post for national submitters, DHL or UPS for European Submitters.
  8. For those who want to hand-deliver their cards and collect them without postal processing. Simply tick the "I will pick up my cards at the Poke Swiss shop" box under the "Shipping Address" category. The Poke Swiss store is located at Rue de Lausanne 16-20, 1201 Geneva (Les Cygnes Shopping Centre).

Do you grade Signatures or Autographs trading cards ?

Yes, we authenticate celebrity signatures, which will be mentioned on our label.

What do you do with my top loaders and sleeves?

Whenever possible, we return your sleeves and top loaders in a bag enclosed with your order.

How should I package my Submission ?

Swiss Grading advice submitters to place their cards into soft sleeves and then into semi-rigid cardholders. This is an advice to ensure the safety and security of your cards. After your cards have been placed in soft sleeves and semi-rigids, We recommends using a durable box with suitable packaging to ensure cards do not move in transit. For example, bubble wrap or packing paper. Please remember that we only accept 1 card per semi-rigid.

Should I submit using CardSavers or Toploaders ?

Swiss Grading accepts submissions with cards stored in toploaders, CardSavers or any soft sleeves and semi rigi card holders. We do advice you to send us your cards stored in CardSavers or any semi rigid holder. Please ensure you only submit one card per semi/soft rigid. We do return semi rigids with your submission and sleeves aswell.

Which countries are able to submit cards to Swiss Grading ?

Swiss Grading currently only accepts submissions from the European Union ( including UK ). We also plan to open up to as many countries worldwide as possible.

Can I drop off or collect my submission in person?

In order to drop off your order, you have to follow the normal submission process and just check the drop off option. When you order will be ready for pick up, ,you will be informed by email. You have also the possibility to check the status in your customer account.

How does Swiss Grading return certified cards?

Once certified, your cards will be returned to you by registered mail with Swiss Post. The tracking number will be shown in your dashboard.

How is the condition of the cards assessed?

All cards sent to Swiss Grading are independently rated two times by two different experts to ensure the correct application of our rating scale. The rating takes several criteria into consideration:

  • Centering.
  • The surface: scratches, micro scratches, impacts, surface deposits, stains, folds, shine, coloring.
  • Edges: smoothness, white dots, ink stains, integrity, stroke marks.
  • Corners: shape of the corner cutout, evenness, white dots, ink stains, integrity, cut marks.

Do original defects have an impact on the Grading note ?

If the series of a card is known to have a usual defect, then we underestimate its presence in the grading process of that series’s cards.

Is the Swiss Grading’s rating scale the same as those used in the United States or by any other Grading company ?

The rating scales have the same basis. However, the Swiss Grading scale aims to be more precise and is distinguished by the use of the half grades.

Do the protectors fit together ?

Yes, the Swiss Grading protectors fit together to make it easier to store your collection.

How are the protections sealed ?

The two parts of the Swiss Grading Cases are sealed with ultrasound by a special machine.

What are the advantages of our Cases protection?

We have chosen a quality plastic, robust and ultra transparent. Swiss Grading’s cases protect your cards from knocks, bumps, scratches, wrinkles, UV rays, moisture and splashes. The case conforms to the shape of the card to keep it perfectly in place The case is thin, elegant, light, but rigid.

Is it possible to open the protection?

Swiss Grading’s cases are designed to protect a card but also to guarantee that the note on the label corresponds to the expertise made in the workshop. If a case is opened by force, it cannot be closed again.